About Us

Créations Hé Laine was born from two passions; crochet and stitching.

I learned how to crochet to relax with various Youtube videos and tutorials. Quickly, I had a lot of toques.

In 2017, I started selling them and created my Facebook page to promote myself. It is the crochet that inspired the name of my shop.

At the same time, since high school, I have always created couture clothes. On the other hand, I had put this passion aside for a few years.

With the arrival of the pandemic in 2020, I took out my sewing machine and started making protective masks. The inspiration returned and I started to make clothes for my niece.

One thing leading to another, I have sought to create sustainable products. I've always wanted to do more for the planet without really knowing how or where to start. And especially how to navigate among all the products already available.

After a lot of research, I chose to make a zero waste product. It was important for me to offer products that were easy to use and above all very simple to maintain.

Since my inspiration has no limits, who knows how my store will evolve.